How to use boob tape and nipple cover? How to remove boob tape and nipple cover? VBT team provides the best and easiest way to you! 

We all know that applying boob tape could be a great solution to some low-cut dresses. Practical boob tapes would make your booby look beautiful and natural. If you could use boob tapes correctly, you would feel more comfortable and confident when wearing strapless or backless shirt. VBT offers product lines for cups from A to G. Here are some tips for applying or removing boob tapes, nipple covers.

The biggest benefit of boob tape is that it could help you the tape out the style you want, and that's why measuring and cutting would be the key when applying. Noticed that clean and dry skin help the boob tape stay longer on your breasts, so make sure to dry and clean your skin before applying boob tapes.

Some people don't like using boob tape or nipple covers because they think removing them is a headache. Using the right method would help remove them effectively and safely. The point is to moist your skin with body oil. Olive oil would do. Applying oil and patiently wait for around 15 minutes, you could remove nipple covers and boob tape without hurting your skin.

In every VBT boob tape set, we have attached nipple covers as nipple covers could effectively protect your nipples and look invisible. Same as boob tapes, nipple covers also require dry and clean skin.

VBT nipple covers use skin-friendly material to protect nipples, and we also make the nipple covers reusable, you could simply wash and air dry them after using them.

Check this video for more details :) For further questions, please mail vbtlift@gmail.com